5 Reasons Why Successful Businesses Are Using an Intranet

For almost any company today, and especially in the very near future, the intranet is going to be an indispensable resource. Given the large amount of data generated by business today, they are becoming a very popular way to organise company information. In fact, staff spend roughly 20% of their day searching for information. An intranet can solve these and

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The Future of SharePoint

The Future of SharePoint written by Jeff Teper from the Microsoft SharePoint team For over a decade, our customers have relied on SharePoint to power teamwork, to automate business processes, to create business applications and to build company-wide intranets. As a core part of Office 365, SharePoint provides content management and collaboration capabilities that are seamlessly integrated with the other

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Top 4 benefits of a business cloud adoption from real SME owners

We at Cloud Made Simple know the benefits of cloud computing and what it can do for businesses of all sizes, but don’t just take our word for it. We asked SME owners who have recently adopted a business cloud solution, what benefits they are receiving since they made the switch. Let’s break these benefits down: 1. Mobility: Caroline Bywater

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