News ยป The Benefits Consolidating Your IT Services

The Benefits Consolidating Your IT Services

Posted 28 January, 2020

Imagine doing your grocery shopping at 5 different stores: one for vegetables, one for dairy products, one for meat, and so on. The one-stop shop model provides a MUCH more convenient and cost-effective solution than multi-vendor management.

With 24 hour support, 25 staff, the resources of Ingram and Microsoft behind us, as well as a peerless track record, WE ARE the company can provide all YOUR IT requirements. 

The top benefits of consolidating your IT services are as follows:


1. Save Time and Increase Productivity

In addition to increased costs, the time spent managing multiple vendors also factors into employee productivity and could greatly impact your workflow efficiency. Over the course of a fiscal year, the small amounts of time spent juggling multiple contact numbers, emails, personalities, corporate policies, invoices, etc. can amount to several lost hours of productivity on your payroll. Imagine doing your grocery shopping at 5 different stores: one for vegetables, one for dairy products, one for meat, and so on. With one point of access for your multiple services, fewer man-hours are required to manage fewer tasks and contacts. Allocating this time to more internalized projects will further streamline your workflow and reduce your overhead costs.


2. One Support Number

When problems arise, every minute spent in downtime is costly to your business. You don’t have time to search for the correct point of contact only to get passed around to third parties. With one phone number at your disposal, Cloud Made Simple provides the answers you need to get your business back online. Having one vendor also means one relationship to manage, one bill, one support number to call and one service/user management interface to deal with.


3. Streamlining Applications

If your organization is using different systems that talk to each other, one of the most common issues that crops up is the data does not communicate across the different services you are supporting. This creates an issue with collaboration and prevents your organization from moving forward. If your users are finding and using free software and you are unaware of it, have no control over your data and when/where it is stored, or shared. This creates compliance issues and increases the risk for data loss if that person leaves the company.


4. Stay Competitive and Up-to-Date

Many of our clients find themselves locked into contracts with outdated technology. This type of industry strangle hold can greatly hinder the natural progress of your company, allowing your competition to gain the upper hand. We’ll make a plan to get you off your legacy systems and ensure you stay updated with the latest technology.


5. Eliminate Cost Redundancy

Each service provider that you use possesses overhead costs of their own (rent, utilities, payroll, etc.) which are baked into their pricing. As you multiply your vendors, you also needlessly multiply these inherent costs. By utilising one vendor for multiple services, you can eliminate these redundant costs across the board to reduce your overall expense.


6. Problem Attribution

The fewer companies you rely on for your technology needs, the easier it will be to isolate the problem if you’re experiencing one. To put it simply, you’re less likely to wonder who’s product caused the problem and more likely to quickly pinpoint the issue and find a solution when you only have to work with one support team for all of your needs.


7. Increase Purchasing Power

With our huge range of IT services, you have the added incentive of bundling multiple services together to achieve further-reduced pricing.


8. Reduce Training

As your workforce changes, the need to get new employees up to speed on the myriad of services required to run your business is drastically reduced with one provider.


9. Decrease Administration Headaches

Service providers operate with their own specific business model, contractual obligations and accounting procedures. Navigating these hurdles across multiple vendors and variable business cycles adds unnecessary stress to your administration efforts. With Cloud Made Simple, you spend less time in multiple vendor meetings, churning through endless paperwork and varying contracts.


10. Realise the Best Solution

With so many service providers in today’s business climate, how can you be sure you’ve found the most qualified, competent solution? Lowest price doesn’t always produce lasting, quality results. But who has the time to research and properly vet dozens of providers across multiple services? At Cloud Made Simple, we’ve built a team of experts and we can do it all. And if we can’t do something, we have a network of partners who have proven industry experience in providing top-quality solutions.